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 for weather stations using Cumulus software

Friday, April 18, 2012

pywws Python software for USB Wireless WeatherStations

Weather, on Linux

Weather by You is proud to present this new section based on pywws software for Linux. pywws will benefit from our developments as an alternative platform for a complete and esthetic personal weather website.

Weather, without Pc!

Linux is well-known as an operating system needing less ressources from hardware. Some Linux distributions like DD-WRT, OpenWrt and Tomato, are geared on widely available "Open" routers. These distributions give opportunity to operate a router acting as a "low power Pc"

Template preview:

To demonstrate "power" available to operate pywws software on a Linux router, Weather by You has developed a brand new template, with a fresh look.

Link: Weather Nature template for pywws

More to show in a few days...
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